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Dance your way to a healthy, joyful life

The Art of Dance - Treasure of The Heart

About Us

Dance For Life is a charity dedicated to the power of dance as a force for good. We believe that dance is an innate part of all beings and that through its movement, we can recreate positive emotion and physical well-being. By connecting our own body and mind to the positive energy of dance, we can bond with the lives of different cultures and spread positivity.

Our mission is to bring the power of dance to those in need of healing, joy, and community connection. Through our events, workshops, and classes, we strive to create an environment that promotes health, happiness, and peace.


Upcoming Events

Come join our free programme "Dance Your Heart Out", to good health, good fun and sharing good energy together.

Class A.JPG
Class 1

Dance Your Heart Out - Egyptian Folklore Dance Class 1

Class B.jpg
Class 2

Dance Your Heart Out - Egyptian Folklore Dance Class 2

Class C.JPG
Class 3

Dance Your Heart Out - Egyptian Folklore Dance Class 3

Class 4.jpg
Class 4

Therapeutic Dance Class

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