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About Dance For Life

Founded in 2022, Dance for Life is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong that provides services to the people of Hong Kong through dance and therapy.

The founder, May KT Cheung, a physiotherapist and Middle Eastern dance instructor, is committed to promoting therapy through dance to the general public of Hong Kong.


Experience the healing power of dance with our Dance Therapy programmes. We offer opportunities for the underprivileged and those in need to participate in performances and gain work experience. We also collaborate with other NGOs to promote community and culture. Come join us in sharing the transformative power of dance to the world!


Founder - Ms. May KT Cheung

Coming from a medical professional background, as well as having been a dancer since an early age, May has been fascinated by the intriguing body movements in Egyptian dance.

Her journey of learning and perfecting Egyptian dance techniques has brought far greater joy than just self-entertainment. Passion then turned into mission – May decided to share the benefits of this rich life changing experience to others.

Dancing is a natural expression of innermost emotion, an universal language since ancient times, not only to humans but innate in all living beings. It is the powerful roots of our civilisation.

May believes that everyone should have the opportunity to dance and experience the benefits that come with it. Her passionate team is dedicated to creating an environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can grow, connect, and thrive through the power of dance.

As a healthcare professional and lifetime dancer, May has seen first-hand the unique and tremendous benefits dance brings to the health of the body and mind. She is a strong believer that the therapeutic elements of dance can be a powerful force in strengthening one’s physical, emotional as well as mental well-being.

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